Arthritis in General

3 Ways Moringa Benefits in Arthritis (Science Backed)

Benefits of Moringa in Arthritis

Arthritis is an ailment where the joints in the body (knees, ankles, wrist, fingers, elbows, etc.) are affected by inflammation, thereby causing swelling, redness, pain, and stiffness. Not only does this disease cause discomfort, but it also affects the routine life of the affected individual by limiting the joint function. Moreover, some of the types of this disease may also give rise to complications like heart diseases, lung disorders, osteoporosis, etc. Arthritis is conventionally treated using […]

4 Proven Benefits of Saffron for Arthritis & How to Use it

Fantastic Benefits of Saffron for Arthritis & How to Use it

Depression and anxiety are very common in individuals with arthritis. Chronic inflammation in arthritis fuels depressive symptoms. Plus arthritis symptoms and resultant immobility can reduce social interaction and add to depression. Saffron is a natural antidepressant. But in addition to its depression alleviating properties, it has been observed that saffron can help improving arthritis. It acts as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory agent. Let’s understand this magical spice better. What is saffron? Saffron is a spice […]

3 Reasons Why Black Pepper is Great in Arthritis

3 benefits of black pepper for arthritis

When we speak about the benefits of black pepper in arthritis, the principles by which it works is by reducing inflammation and pain. Inflammation is the most important marker of arthritis. Alleviating inflammation can have significant benefits in arthritis and protect all systems in the body in addition to joints and bones. It has been observed that black pepper can help improving arthritis. Piperine is the principal component of black pepper that holds therapeutic benefits in […]