Childhood Arthritis

6 Surprising Benefits of Turmeric For Juvenile Arthritis [UPDATED]

turmeric for juvenile arthritis

Arthritis is among the most common diseases in the world. It is known to be frequent among the elderly however it can also occur in children. Juvenile arthritis is known as the arthritic condition in children. It is a term which describes inflammatory condition which may occur in the joints due to enhanced response of the immune system. Arthritis mainly affects the joints nut in case of children younger than 16 years it can affect other […]

5 Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile arthritis is a term used to describe arthritis in children but a number of diseases are included in this category. It comprises a number of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that could affect children below the age of 16. The major symptoms include pain, swelling and redness. Sometimes it may affect the muscles and not joints. Juvenile arthritis can affect other organs such as eyes, stomach and skin. It is an autoimmune disorder in which the […]